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a Good Bag, a Good Life.

Joseph & Stacey is a Seoul-based Korean leather design and manufacturing company specializing in leather luxury bags. Carrying a line of handcrafted bags that are both fashionable and functional, Joseph & Stacey is known for creating modern-yet-vintage handmade leather bags that never get old, shared from generation to generation.

Committed to simple functions in everything the company creates, Joseph & Stacey wants to be synonymous with a modern, versatile solution that enables every single user to complete their daily schedule without compromising their overall appearance and fashion statement.


The story of Josephine & Stacey began a decade ago when the two met in the United States. Immediately discovering their joint passion for high quality leather design and bag engineering, they returned to their home country of Korea to start making their very first bag with kip leather, same material used to manufacture baseball globes for being light and resistant.

Continuing to refine their production process while working locally with factories so they could oversee the product quality and finished appearance, Josephine & Stacey created a true partnership that is still evident today. Pursuing their joint passions on a daily basis, the duo hopes to continue releasing new leather lines that are handmade, Korean-inspired, and modernly vintage in our world today.



Joseph & Stacey is committed to functional design and a vintage-inspired modern style, proving that convenience and trendiness can exist together. We’ve pioneered simple product engineering that is also eye-catching and publicly stated, drawing on the natural appearance and timelessness of leather in the process.

« We use vintage inspirations for a
modern-day solution that is anything but old-school. »


Here at Josephine & Stacey, we value creative input, handmade small-batch production, and transparency in everything we do. We’re demonstrating the ability for fashion and functionality all in one, helping our consumers to be organized and successful throughout the day while also turning heads. Closely watching the production of our bags, we keep it local so we can promise and ensure a standard of quality that is unavailable anywhere else today. Lastly, we value transparency, which means we keep you updated on everything happening at Josephine & Stacey.


“We prioritize the user experience today, developing functional and fashionable leather bag products that are also supportive of our customers’ busy, on-the-go lifestyles. That’s why we personally conduct sample tests, made right here in Korea, so we can inspect our functional products before we distribute them to our consumers. To us, a leather bag is about more than its functionality; it’s about its vintage style, too. That’s what we’re creating here at Josephine & Stacey.”

« a leather bag is about more than its functionality »