Individuality, timeless design and craftsmanship. Are the core concept of JOSEPH AND STACEY.
Launched by two Korean leather enthusiasts in 2009, their passion for the tradition and character Of the British style
led them to develop a hand bag Line that focuses on designs which outlast fickle Fashion trends.
Based on a fusion of convention and originality, JOSEPH AND STACEY designs can be worn by all Age groups.
Attention to detail as well as chosen Materials make this brand an everyday accessible Luxury.
Our brand is built around the belief that a woman’s best friend is a bag that never cases to be in vogue,
no matter how fast fashion trends change. We continuously strive to modernize vintage design in an understated yet playful and functional way.
Mixing our designs with exciting colors make them as sophisticated as the women who carry them.
At Joseph and Stacey we prefer quality over quantity. We use only the finest materials in the creation of our bags
and our leather undergoes an unique milling procedure to make it smooth without becoming too thin.
We invest a lot of time and love into our manufacturing process as all Joseph and Stacey bags are handmade in Korea.
This allows us to pay attention to detail and oversee the entire production process.
Every Joseph&Stacey bag has its own unique character. Our jane edition, for example, is a true beauty, gracious and simple,
whereas our Tomas edition likes to turn it up with edgy coloring. We like to think that there is a style for everybody in our collection.
Whether it be Tomas, Maggie, Jane or Joseph, our variety of designs enables every customer to find the design which fits him or her best.